Order Upload

Upload has been cancelled successfully.
The uploaded file contains too many rows.
The file is invalid, please review the instructions and file for any issue.


  1. Create a spreadsheet (or start with our XLSX Order Upload Template or CSV Order Upload Template) with the following:
    • First column - add item #s or customer part #s.
    • Second column - add quantities.
  2. Save the file in XLSX or CSV format.
    • The XLSX format provides you with the ability to add additional columns (eg, your own part number, your own description, etc). Keep in mind that performance may be up to 10 times slower than using the CSV format.
    • The CSV format provides the best performance (fastest uploads). Keep in mind that CSV files MUST only use the existing columns (SKU and Quantity).
  3. Select the file to upload and click Upload Order.
  4. There is a file maximum of 500 rows.