10" Forged Crimper

HIL-FC10 MFG #: 1885429
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  • Auto Enrichment Status: Ready
  • Brand: Hilmor®
  • California Prop 65: False
  • Category: Plier
  • Channel: Tools
  • Industry: HVAC
  • Manufacturer: DiversiTech
  • Sub-Category: Crimpers

If you need help with crimping wire and cutting applications, our Crimping Tool has you covered. With a comfortable overmolded handle and a hardened cutting edge, this tool will help you crimp both insulated and non-insulated terminals like a champ.
Comfortable grip: over molded handle reduces hand fatigue and won't slip or twist
Stays sharp: laser hardened cutting edge will stay sharper for longer
10 to 22 AWG capacity of wire, insulated terminals, non-insulated terminals