10 × 10 × 1 in Fiberglass Air Filter MERV 4

10X10X1 MFG #: 10155.011010
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  • : Trading Goods (ZAW1)
  • : 03 - Use
  • : Each
  • : Pound(LB)
  • : Standard Item (NORM)
  • Air Filter Dimensions (in): 10x10x1
  • Air Filter Thickness (in): 1
  • Auto Enrichment Status: Ready
  • Brand: Flanders®
  • California Prop 65: False
  • Category: Air Filter
  • Channel: Commercial, Parts, Residential, Supplies
  • Industry: HVAC
  • Manufacturer: Flanders Corp
  • Media Material: Synthetic
  • Product Line: EZ Flow

EZ Flow® & EZ Flow® II disposable filters are designed for protection of furnace and central air units in residential and light commercial applications. Construction of both models is identical except for the media retainer. The EZ Flow® features a metal media retainer on the downstream side while the EZ Flow® II has no media retainer. Instead, the media itself is adhered directly to the frame for non-metallic applications.

  • Economically and environmentally friendly frame has a one piece design

  • One-metal retainer on downstream side

  • Sealant hot-melt adhesive running full perimeter of the frame upstream and downstream

  • Maximum air flow

  • Alleviates strain on equipment

  • Continuous filament spun glass filtering media

  • Effective protection against dust or lint

  • 500 cfm at 300 fpm