1-1/2” Shaft Magnetic Nut Driver Set (1⁄4" & 5⁄16")

HIL-SHSM2PC MFG #: 1839057
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  • Auto Enrichment Status: Ready
  • Brand: Hilmor®
  • California Prop 65: False
  • Category: Screwdriver
  • Channel: Tools
  • Industry: Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing
  • Manufacturer: DiversiTech
  • Sub-Category: Nut Driver
At Hilmor®, we've taken the nut driver up a notch. From a magnetic tip to securely hold the fastener in place to a deep shaft designed to accommodate long bolts. We've also added some twists you'll like such as a slip-resistant grip, wrench flats for more torque and a color-coded insert for easy size identification. We even gave it an extra-durable design - to outlast the elements. Simply put, it's ready to conquer when you are. Available in 1/4 in and 5/16 in sizes or as a 2-piece set.