1-5/8” Ratcheting Plastic Tubing Cutter

HIL-RPTC158 MFG #: 1885393
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When you need an extra hand, get a hold of Hilmor®'s 1-5/8 in Ratcheting Plastic Tubing Cutter. A rubberized, comfort grip handle makes this easy to do, while a stainless-steel blade gives you the hands-down advantage on PEX and PVC. You no longer need big pipes to slice right through them.

Rugged and durable: Ergonomic, cast aluminum body and stainless steel blade increase life and durability
Comfortable grip: rubberized handle makes it easier to use in wet and dirty environments
Easy to open and close: conveniently placed release button allows for true one handed operation, while a locking tab secures the blade in placed
Black and silver handle color
Cast aluminum body