Aprilaire® 6116 Barometric Bypass Damper, 16 in, Round, 24 VAC

RP-6116 MFG #: 6116
$0.00 / EACH
  • Auto Enrichment Status: Ready
  • Brand: Aprilaire®
  • California Prop 65: False
  • Category: Zoning Damper
  • Channel: Commercial, Residential
  • Industry: HVAC
  • Manufacturer: Research Products
  • Shape: Round
  • Sub-Category: Zoning Bypass Damper
Aprilaire Barometric Bypass Dampers will save you money, reduce installation time and provide trouble-free performance.

Flexibility: Can be installed in any position
Convenience: Comes fully assembled and is easy to install and set up
Reliability: Rigorous testing on all components assures Aprilaire exceeds industry standards for 15-year reliability
Made in the USA

Rigorous cycle testing assures years of reliable performance
Tested in extreme temperatures (over 140° F) to simulate summer attic conditions
Packaging and product, designed for rough handling, exceeds shipping requirements of the ISTA 1A drop test
Five-year Warranty

Fully Enclosed Regulator
Insulation proof – All openings secured preventing sprayed-in insulation from entering regulator and causing problems
Obstruction proof - All moving parts protected from external obstructions

Round Damper Blade Design
Gasket material minimizes air bypass when blade is closed
Common plastic bearing stabilizes damper blade
Hex shaft allows secure blade fastening

One Piece Assembly
Simple, labor-saving design

Counter-weighted blade allows installation in any orientation
Gap between regulator and damper shell allows damper to be fully insulated
No loose parts – Damper ships completely assembled